CLIENT Audi Japan K. K.
PROJECT Tokyo Motor Show 2017
VENUE Tokyo Big Sight

The Audi booth was organized based on the concept of “Formless.”
In order to express the unspecified form of AI, the spatial design was based on an installation that changes its appearance in response to the driver’s viewpoint, location, and personal sense. This time, the installation was originally created in Japan. Two thousand translucent tubes were suspended above the booth, and their shapes and lighting effects gave each visitor a different look. When you get into the Audi A8 located in the center of the booth, you can see the light art expressed by more than 400 3D LEDs. A sensor in the special eyewear worn by the driver detects the direction of the driver’s face and other factors to create the art, and no two pieces are alike. The art embraces the entire booth and everyone in it, expressing the communication theme of this year’s exhibition, Audi AI. The experience leads to the “Vorsprung durch Technik.”

Awards: dFA2019 Merit Award/EXHIBIT DESIGN AWARDS2019 the International Exhibit category Gold/GOOD DESIGN AWARD Award-winning Work/DSA2018 Silver Award/NDF2018 Honorable Mention