CLIENT Pola Inc.
PROJECT Care for Dear―Let’s send our feelings to loved ones―

Just as Pola founder Shinobu Suzuki used a single mortar and pestle to make cream for his wife, who had rough hands, we held a “Care for Dear―Let’s send our feelings to loved ones―” event at the Pola Ginza flagship store based on the concept of “caring for loved ones,” which has been passed down since the company’s founding.
The concept of “Care for Dear” is based on “We care more,” which is Pola’s major brand message for the future (2029 vision). The concept was set up so that visitors can feel the “feelings for loved ones” that have been handed down since the founding of Pola through their own future.

The roller coaster expresses the experience of feeling the warmth and connection of people by thinking of their loved ones, precisely because communication opportunities that used to be commonplace have decreased and lifestyles have changed dramatically.
Inspired by Pola’s spirit of care, the roller coaster was designed to allow visitors to think of their loved ones while experiencing the roller coaster, and to become aware of the beauty of caring. In addition, by providing a system that allows the participants to deliver their feelings to their loved ones using their own hands, the experience is designed to make them more aware of the Pola brand and its connection to society through caring for others.

We promoted the project as a full one-stop shop, from concept planning to creative space and graphics, as well as the production of decorations, and proceeded with a unified process and understanding of the ideas until they were realized, resulting in high-quality output.